Sound is powerful. It can shape and mold our lives in so many ways that may not even realize. From the workout session, and commute rides to quiet meditations, every single bit of sound we listen to contributes to the creation of our personal identity

aptXLossless + LE Audio, the most pioneering combination, yet. Transmit CD-quality music without any loss. truely distinguishing itself from other chips and codecs that employ lossy compression during data transmission.

Qualcomm's aptXlossless technology enables the transmission and faithful reproduction of CD-quality lossless audio (16-bit/44.1kHz) without any loss of information, ensuring you hear the studio audio as intended.

*Compatible with previous versions of Qualcomm aptX™ Adaptive/Classic, including 24-bit/96kHz lossless audio support at 880Kbps (~80% of lossless).

Lossless audio brings you closer to your favorite artist, allowing you to experience music as it was originally intended, Crystal 5A is fully compatible with prominent music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal have either announced or introduced support for lossless audio.


Existing Bluetooth streaming technologies require audio compression for transmission, causing a loss of detail and introducing artifacts that can diminish the listening experience.

Brands on the market advertise 'Lossless Audio', but it's important to note that their 'Lossless' doesn't imply uncompressed audio. Instead, it refers to a specific type of compressed digital audio file that uses advanced data compression algorithms to preserve most of the audio track's details during compression.

For comparison, the average size of a compressed audio file like MP3, AAC, or LADC is roughly one-fourth the size of the original recording. In contrast, the average size of a lossless compressed audio file, such as FLAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless), is slightly more than half the size of the original recording.

However, our Crystal 5A True Lossless Audio takes a different approach. We utilize aptX™ Lossless + LE Audio, an innovative and integrative technology that achieves completely lossless audio without any damaging compression."


Uniquely design dual driver system has a balanced armature driver offering more clarity and delivering more on treble. while dynamic driver ensures a more coherent tone with better bass reach  an immersive audio experience.

Industry-leading unique dual driver acoustic system, your desired sound with subtle tuning refinements for increased color and clarity.


Experience audio like never before with Bluetooth's LE Audio LC3 technology. Setting a new industry standard for wireless sound.

supported by snapdragon sound platform with LE audio to achieve ultra-low latency of up to 20ms.

No matter what you do, it ensures real-time transmission of your operations and sound, making your participation smoother and more natural, allowing you to experience an unprecedented real-time interactive experience.


Break free from wired limitations, experience an long-lasting range, and dive into the world of music anytime and anywhere.


Rebuilding spatial listening experience while preserving sound naturalness. Fearless of complex environment, experiencing an unprecedented feast of sound quality, as if you were there.

Lossless audio quality, no delay call, providing you with the ultimate voice call experience, so that every communication is like a face-to-face conversation, real and natural!

Immerse yourself in unparalleled clarity! Our noise reduction technology creates a quiet world, with only the sound of your earbuds.

With the Velacy APP,you can change the corresponding functions of the buttons,meanwhile,you might become a tuner using the Equalizer.

Maximize the lossless sound capabilities of your new Crystal 5A wireless earbuds with our Bluetooth® 5.4 Audio transmitter. Easily connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your device (compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch) to indulge in high-quality lossless audio. Additionally, enhance your Bluetooth experience on PC and Mac for crystal-clear voice calls.

Our Bluetooth transmitter is equipped with the latest Qualcomm aptX technology and includes two connectors that automatically activate the highest quality codec supported by the connected device upon insertion, if the device supports USB audio.

With broad compatibility for any Bluetooth headphones or speakers, our Bluetooth® 5.4 audio transmitter automatically activates the highest quality codec supported by the connected device



Music is what we love
Professional audio is what we do

In 2009 out of a passion for expressing emotions through sound. We've crafted a touching voice for the world using our decades of research and leading technology. With the establishment of VELACY in 2022, we have brought our commitment to excellence to a new level. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in delivering better sound experiences.

Great earphones should strike a chord with you from the moment you press play. With a focus on delivering immersive audio experiences, our technology blends advanced engineering with a deep understanding of the emotional impact of sound, with the understanding that great sound is about more than great tech specs. From the recording studio to your home. Velacy delivers sound that stirs the soul and touches the heart.

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